New Orleans Audubon Insectarium

The state of Louisiana is home to some of the most fertile land for agriculture and livestock, in America. New Orleans and southern Louisiana are also on the frontlines of climate evolution, so understanding our natural environment and working with nature is becoming more and more important for everyday living. New Orleans is also the home of Audubon park which has been a social spot for people since the 1800’s. The Audubon Nature Institute, established in 1916, WSA created to oversee and manage the park, and with one single flight cage, which eventually transformed into the Zoological society(Audubon Zoo) the institute began to grow exponentially.  The Institute now consists of 10 museum and park installations with the newest edition being the Audubon Insectarium and Butterfly garden.


Located on the edge of the French Quarter in the historic US customs house, the Audubon Insectarium and butterfly garden was created to show, highlight and educate folks about the tiny creatures around our feet and their effect on life; in a fun and educational environment. The facility features 13 gallery e animal exhibits. One of the goals of the Insectarium is to highlight the cultural aspects of insects. Which ones are harmful, how and why (formosian termites,) and which one are beneficial for people (pollinators,) and their influence on the food we eat and the products insects produce which are a benefit to humans. An immersive theater provides a fun explanation as well as some fun shaking and bumping  in your seat with some of Hollywood’s finest lending their voices to the insects story. For the more adventurous folks, the Insectarium eatery offers different foods and cuisines that feature bugs and there are plenty of samples, so you can get your bug snacks! One of the major highlights is the Japanese butterfly garden. A beautiful, tranquil, brightly colored gallery room where one can sit and reflect all the while hundreds of butterflies fly and flutter about.

The Insectarium is open six days a week, from 10:30-4:30(closed Monday.) admission is $19 for adults and $14for children and if you purchase online you can save $3 a ticket. The Insectarium is inside a federal building so you will have to pass through a metal detector. A perfect adventure for inclement weather, or for the kids but whichever your reason, take a stroll through the Insectarium and learn about your neighbors hiding beneath your feet.


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