Southern Rep Theater

The city of New Orleans has made socializing a way of life. Festivals, music, food, and cocktails dominate the social landscape of the Crescent city.  However, the city is also home to a great variety of arts that have shaped the culture of New Orleans, including the opera, Louisiana philharmonic and of course theater. In Mid-city, just off Broad Street is a beautiful church that has been converted into an amazing theater focusing on original voices of theater, as well as exploring works reflecting southern heritage:  The Southern Rep Theatre. 

SRT was founded in 1986 by Dr. Rosary O’Neill talented and internationally known playwright and author. O’Neill has written New Orleans Voodoo, Degas in New Orleans, and Love and Hurricanes. O’Neill moved to New York in 2006 but still frequents New Orleans and will be here in November at NOCCA doing a writing workshop on in writing film “sizzles.” 

O’Neills Vision for Southern Rep Theatre(SRT) was to put southern writers and works about the south on center stage and share with the world. O’Neill raised international awareness of southern theater by visiting Russia and France. After O’Neill relocated thru a few temporary homes before settling at its current residence at 2541 Bayou Road.

SRT offers multiple ways to experience New Orleans. The 2019-2020 Main Stage season is happening now. SRT offers different packages to really experience the gamut of southern theater. The next work being performed is Native Gardens. (Oct. -Nov.17) and was written by Karen Zacarias. This comedy centers on neighbors, gardens, fences and folks trying to get along with different notions of race, class, and privilege. Each play runs about a month so always something new for your next trip to New Orleans. Ticket prices run between $25-$45. 

SRT also features a monthly live soap opera which happens on a Wednesday each month, so check the website for the next installment. (Tickets $13) “And yes there will always be cocktails.” 

SRT also has a Care For Creatives. each Tuesday from 6-8pm. Check out the may archives Southern Comfort blog  for more details on this amazing relaxing rejuvenating experience. 

New Orleans theater is full and robust and to experience the south through the lens of playwrights and wonderful live performances go check out a show at the Southern Rep Theater.

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