Boycott Bowl 2019 – Magic of the Who Dat Nation

New Orleans is a magical place that almost should not exist.  Like a giant bumblebee with tiny wings that somehow should not be able to fly, New Orleans is the bumblebee.  A city that has a semi working infrastructure yet throws some of the biggest parties in the world, (Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.)  A city that keeps progress at bay to make sure traditions are upheld and honored. Without the devotion to this city we would not have the cuisine or the music that has infected and permeated New Orleans and much of the world.  The real treasures of the city are the people that choose to live here. The people that choose to celebrate life amidst challenging situations( Hurricane Katrina, or the ever present hard water boil.) What happens when New Orleans is inside your soul and you all you want is more and to share with everyone around you, cannot be described in words, but on Superbowl Sunday the world got a glimpse of the magic of New Orleans and its people.

The city of New Orleans came alive after a horrible call in the NFC Championship game which some believe may have robbed the Saints from playing in the Superbowl.  Petitions and letter were written, including one from Governor Edwards, asking for some football justice, which never happened. The city and its people were robbed and no one gave it a second thought, except New Orleanians.  The people decided to boycott the superbowl with the only way we know how. By coming together and celebrating, even celebrating NOT being in the Super Bowl. What we were really celebrating was the magic of New Orleans.  A Boycott bowl fest was created, people second lined through the city, dancing in the streets, swathed in black and gold, the Who Dat nation made it be known that one game does not make fans or a team but rather coming together to celebrate being alive even in a moment of sadness or anger.  

The Saints fans marched in the streets throughout the city, second lines 1000 strong, from different races, genders, beliefs, with one thing in common and strong.  A love for this city shown through the love for the New Orleans Saints. The bars and restaurants throughout the city showed the game from 2010 when we won our first Super bowl.   The love felt in the city was so strong you could touch it. People choose to live in New Orleans because we have this deep love for living, and yes, we, sometimes show it through cocktails and eating, but if you look inside the folks that live here, you can see a happiness that can’t be found in any other cities.  The love of being alive and living in the moment, whether it is Who Dat or the sound of trumpets in the streets or the smell of crawfish in the air, we enjoy celebrating the moment as best we can with what we have. If someone decides to take something away from us, such as a seat at the Super bowl table, then we are happy enough to have our own table and even invite you to share at our table.

So take a look at the pictures and videos and close your eyes and imagine the love of tens of thousands of Who Dat Saints fans celebrating their team and their city even as we were all snubbed, we still took them lemons and made some Yea You Right lemonade.  


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