Erin Rose – An Irish Bar in the French Quarter

Writing about New Orleans is always a fun time.  So many festivals, restaurants, events and of course bars.  This city was partially built on the idea of socializing,( I like to say this city is full of professional socializers,) and cocktails go hand in hand with socializing.  We have created cocktails and cultures around cocktails and we have turned simple taverns into institutions that have entertained and taken care of tourists and locals for decades.  Just off Bourbon Street at 811 Conti is small hidden treasure of the French Quarter known as the Erin Rose.

3 containers are sitting on the bar, one is Irish Coffee in a wine glass, a plastic cup with Erin Rose stenciled on the outside has a frothy frozen Irish coffee, the last in a bar glass is a bloody mary with snap beans and an orka on top

The Erin Rose has been an  bar since the 1950’s( a private home before that) going through owners and names until Mr. Jim Monaghan(Molly’s on the Market) took it over, changing it to the Erin Rose Irish bar,  until his passing in 2001 and handed the ownership and reins to his bar manager and business partner, and he has been building the Rose to legendary status ever since. Located just a half a block of Bourbon street, and as the saying goes, “50 feet from Bourbon Street, but 500 miles away,”  because even though it is close to Bourbon st, there is no tourist trap inside the walls of the Rose. The bar prides itself on being a bar for locals that welcomes everyone, with a well knowledgeable staff about cocktails and what is happening in the city. The Erin Rose also has a cocktail that is perfect for cruising the French Quarter, the Frozen Irish Coffee.  A milkshake like drink made with Brandy, Coffee and few other ingredients that elevates the frozen cocktail to new levels. A cocktail with great flavor, but not too much alcohol, but if you need it to be a little stronger as the bartender for a “floater,” an additional shot poured on top,( most folks opt for Jamesons Irish whiskey.) Most of the beers on tap are local and they have a bloody mary that is quite memorable.  Also in the back of the bar is the phenomenal po boy shop Killer Poboys. Don’t be intimidated if you don’t see the restaurant at first, there is no sign for the po boy shop out front, just head into the bar and keep walking to the back, ( Check out our post from January 16th 2019 for more about Killer Poboys.)

The Erin Rose is open 21 hours a day,(10am-6am) seven days a week There are two bars, the front main bar and second back bar that opens in the late afternoon until early morning(2amish.)  Don’t forget to check out their merchandise, because once you visit the Rose, you will want a sticker or hoodie to remember the experience. And, whichever bar you take a seat at you will become part of the tapestry of Erin Rose,  a local treasure that makes you feel at home no matter where you live.

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