Killer Po-boys

Sometimes hanging in the French Quarter and day drinking is all one needs to have a great time.  So many different taverns, bars, iconic legends to hidden gems. As the day goes on the best thing one can do while partaking is to, first, always stay hydrated, and second, eat throughout the day.  On 811 Conti street, just off of Bourbon street, is the Erin Rose. A legendary dive bar that has been the favorite of generations of folks. In 2012 they rented out their back kitchen to the husband and wife team of Cam and April Boudreaux and the Boudreaux’s  opened the first Killer Poboys.

Six inch piece of french bread loaded with spicy grilled shrimp . It is dressed with pickled onions and carrots.

Photo Courtesy of Killer Po-boys


Cam Boudreaux, a native New Orleanian, had always had an idea for elevating the po boy, the classic New Orleans sandwich that has been “the” sandwich for generations.  Boudreaux took the idea of the po- boy and combined it with international flavors while focusing on local ingredients and healthier preparations, creating what I like to call the Banh Mi style po boy.  All the sandwiches start with French bread made from vietnamese bakery, Dong Phoung

( make sure you check out their king cakes for Mardi Gras,) and creates mouthwatering sandwiches with an international twist.  Marinated seared gulf shrimp with pickled radishes, carrot and cucumber salad and garlic aioli. The Beef is braised in a stout beer and served with pickled peppers and green beans and finished with a zesty horseradish sauce.  The Pork Belly is roasted with a NOLA rum and ginger glaze and finished with a lime slaw and garlic aioli. For vegetarians/vegans a roasted sweet potato with a black eyed pea and pecan spread with wilted greens topped with pickled shallots.  The menu also features a whiskey grilled cheese, using Hooks Cheddar cheese and wild flour wheat bread. As the grilled cheese cooks on the griddle it is misted with Jameson’s irish whiskey(a nod to the Erin Rose.)The amazing thing about these sandwiches is the amount of flavor and care that is put into crafting of the food, while being served in the back of a bar, with very little advertising except word of mouth and all priced between $9 and $13.

The word spread quickly however, with local write-ups as well as mentions in GQ and the NY times. The team opened a second location Big Killer Po boys just around the corner at 219 Dauphine Street.  The second location has an expanded menu with more vegetarian items and breakfast po boys. Definitely try the Housemade chorizo po boy with yard eggs, salsa fresca, black beans and queso fresco.

The hours differ between each location so check out the website before making any plans and remember they are always closed on Tuesdays. Make sure that if you are in the quarter and need a quick amazing meal or snack, check out Killer Po boys either at 811 Conti in the Erin Rose, or 219 Dauphine street.  Oh and if you are in the Erin Rose ask about their frozen Irish Coffee.



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