Over the past few years, other cuisines and styles have made an impact on the New Orleans culinary landscape.  Different flavors, and international traditions have melded with the living history of New Orleans food scene. Even arts outside the culinary world, music and fashion are starting to influence menu and decor as well as service style.  Warbucks, a new delicious, eatery at 3218 Magazine, embodies this ideal of blending food with art and music to create a funky experience, culinary and otherwise.

White plate with a serving of 4 shrimp rings and red sauce

Warbucks is the creation of Chef Todd Pulsinelli, former chef at Domenica and August, and the BRG(Besh Restaurant Group.)  The idea of Warbucks was to combine simple fresh food with a few fun twists while incorporating the skateboard culture and hip hop music of the 90’s to create a specific dining vibe.  In fact the name Warbucks is Pulsinelli’s hip hop persona. Don’t expect Pulsinelli to drop too many freestyle rhymes while cooking, because it is clear there is a strong passion for food coming from the kitchen  The first dish sampled was the shrimp rings with cocktail lime sauce, and this intrigued me because I could not understand what it was from the description, until Kyle the bartender, explained they were a cross between shrimp toast and onion rings, and they did not disappoint.  The texture was unique and took a few bites to acclimate but the flavor was on point and wonderful. The entree sampled was blackened scallion rice and chicken, a simple, but fulfilling dish using chicken thighs with roasted root vegetables brought together with some lemon. The mac and cheese with pulled pork had to be tried because who isn’t on a quest for the best mac and cheese.  Warbucks did not disappoint, with the sweet bbq pork blending nicely with gooey cheese mixture, definitely on the heavy side so you may want to share. Warbucks also offers a This burger, a super fancy with red wine foie gras butter and That burger, American cheese and fries. So you can feel a little fancy or a little casual. Finish it off with one of their flavorful and boozy frozen cocktails and you have yourself a great meal.  

Along with the meal, the restaurant features a soundtrack heavy on classic 90’s hip-hop that will have to bopping,(I was quite pleased to hear Souls of Mischief, 93’ til Infinity during lunch.)  Add a beautiful, smart aesthetic embracing the art and style of skateboard culture and the feel of Warbucks will have you wanting to go back for more. Warbucks is open seven days a week starting at 11am with happy hour Monday thru Friday 3pm-6pm.



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