Longway Tavern- New to the French Quarter

Sometimes a restaurant comes along that just feels right.  From the ambiance to the cocktails and food as well as music and lighting.  A place one can walk in and immediately feel at home. So the folks who brought you Sylvain, Meaux bar and Cavan have done it again with a new place at 719 Toulouse street in the French Quarter that fits this mold: The Longway.

A casual spot in the French Quarter, which to some, is still an iconic neighborhood, and The Longway is a spot for all those living, working and playing in the French Quarter.  A self-described “third place” to stop before or after a show or dinner, or perhaps one more cocktail before heading home.


 In the early 20th Century, 719 Toulouse was the home of Roark and Mary Rose Bradford. As both were writers who napped throughout the day and wrote at night, their home was an all night, every night open house. When winding up a night on the town, friends would ring the bell of 719 Toulouse where Mary Rose appeared with grits, bacon, eggs and coffee for any or all. This idea of hospitality is the mission of Longway.To offer up something good and simple to enrich the experience of the day. The food menu evokes the idea of classic tavern fare, simple delicious food made to share with friends and family. Nothing on the menu is unfamiliar , rather comforting , well prepared delicious food. A perfect trifecta would be the English peas with country ham and cauliflower, the Caesar salad, perfectly prepared with bright local ingredients and the right twist with fried chicken skins instead of croutons, and finally there wagyu steak sandwich, quickly becoming the go-to on the menu.


 The cocktail menu echoes the simplicity of the food menu , highlighting classic drinks(Sazerac, sidecar, old fashioned) that one might have had in the French Quarter a 100 years ago or yesterday. There are also some cocktails representing the current cocktail trends in New Orleans as well as the country, definitely try the Green Colada or the Florodoro

Whatever your mood , a drink before dinner or a show, or a light snack after a   big engagement or just sitting in their beautiful courtyard in the afternoon and enjoying  the company of family and friends, or, strike up a conversation with someone new. As some like to say, New Orleans is a city of professional socializers and The Longway is  sure to be a stop where you can feel the neighborhood vibe of the French Quarter. Longway is open seven days a week , Monday through Thursday from 4pm-midnight and Friday -Sunday  11:30 am til midnight. Longway takes reservations but encourages walking in a dig deep into the groove and style that is The Longway. Don’t just take my word for it check out Esquire magazine’s  best restaurants of 2018.



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