Wizard Con 2019

Growing up, reading comic books and going to the movies seemed like two things that could never be combined.  However, with today’s technology comic book characters have crossed over into movies, video games, TV shows, and all the mediums in between.  The magic of imagination and creativity has launched comic book characters into the stratosphere of pop culture. As the characters have become more apart of our lives the fans have evolved and become even more devoted.  A great way to observe or immerse yourself in the pop culture of movies, comic books, toys, video games, manga, horror, wrestling, original art is to check out the Wizard Con 2019.

Photo by The Advocate

Wizard con takes place the 4,5, and 6 of January 2019 at the Ernest Morial Convention center, in the CBD.  A collection and blending of all the different facets of pop culture, all the while having a great time checking out the characters of your favorite entertainment medium or jumping in and becoming apart of the celebration. New Orleans has never shied away from a party or a costume and that is one of great thing about this convention is the enthusiasm of the fans.  Where else can you see Chewbacca hanging out with Superman while standing in front of the original batmobile. Not too many places. A day at Wizard Con is being in a living comic book or movie. Whether you are talking or taking photos with the artists and creators of various comics, movies or video games, or attending a workshop to better your skills as an artist or writer.  There is something for everyone, adults and kids. Also the merchandise is tremendous, so think about some awesome gifts for the inner nerd in all of us. And did I mention the actors? This years wizard con will have stars from Dr. Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vampire Diaries, Outlander, Luke Cage, X-men and many more on hand for personal autographs and pictures throughout the weekend.  

Tickets are available per day or weekend passes, and there are also VIP passes and The Convention center is located in the CBD and also near some great restaurants, including some of the restaurant in the Donald Link portfolio, Cochon Butcher, and sandwich shop butchery  and Cochon restaurant. Both great spots for casual or upscale modern southern cuisine just a few blocks away from the convention center. So get your favorite spiderman costume or your trusty lightsaber and check out the 2019 Wizard Con and put a little superhero in your step.





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