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When the weather cools down in New Orleans, the city starts to really come alive.  After an oppressive summer, it feels as if a weight has lifted and folks start spending more time outside.  Whether it is out in City Park, or walking up and down Magazine Street or cruising the French Quarter.

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One of the many special things the French Quarter has to offer are the walking tours.  Voodoo, music, cocktails and history are all on the table for these walking tours. With a to-go cup in your hand, you can learn about the entertaining, deep and complicated history of New Orleans.  One of the best tours to be had is the Dink and Learn tour created and hosted by Elizabeth Pearce.

Drink & Learn is an interactive themed walking tour, that uses famous drinks and cocktails to tell the complex and flavorful history of New Orleans. The Creator of Drink and Learn, Elizabeth Pearce has a deep connection with cocktails and New Orleans, as she was the founding senior curator for The Southern Food and Beverage Museum(also a great place to check out, and eat at Toups South,) and is the education specialist for the Sazerac Liquor Company”s historic brands.  Elizabeth brings a lot of information, folklore and super amount of fun to each tour.

This walking tour takes place in the French Quarter ( right now the tour starts at the corner of Toulouse and Dauphine street.)  When folks arrive the first thing they are given is a “bag of booze.” These bags contain four cocktails made my Elizabeth to coincide with stops on the tour. Make no mistake this is not a bar crawl.  You will not be going into any bars, but you will stop by some iconic spots on the tour, with Elizabeth using her storytelling skills to paint a picture of the development of New Orleans using the cocktails to help enrich the narrative.  Some of the stops are the former spot of the St. Charles hotel, The St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson square and Tujague’s bar. While you wont go into the bar, Elizabeth explains the significance of Tujages by having guests enjoy the Grasshopper cocktail, created at Tujague’s.  Each of the cocktails has a place on the tour and help you get a feel of the history through the flavors of the cocktails. Bring some water because this is a drinking tour and these are cocktails are robust and full of flavor, so staying hydrated is key.

Tickets  are $50 per person and can be purchased on the drink and learn website (below) and there are afternoon and early evening tours.  Once again this is not a pub crawl, but the four cocktails are included, so your ticket price is all the money you will spend the tour.  Once the tour ends you are in the historic French Quarter will so many possibilities to continue your adventure. Please don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor.  The experience is one not to be missed.



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