Odgen Museum

 The Warehouse Arts District in the Central Business district just outside of Lee Circle has several great museums to add to your  To-Do list. One of the highlights is the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Since 1999, The Ogden has offered a unique, beautiful and comprehensive view of Southern culture and its history through the eyes and works of Southern artists. The museum highlights work from the fifteen southern states and include all varieties of mediums and periods.

 Now you may be asking why talk about a museum, but the Ogden does something a little different and super awesome each week: Ogden After Hours.  Every Thursday from 6-8pm, The Odgen presents musicians from New Orleans (and sometimes beyond) to perform for museum patrons and guests. Admission is free for museum members and ten dollars for the evening.


Sidebar – If you are coming from out of town check out your local museum memberships.  Many memberships include admission to various museums around the country.

Performances begin at 6 pm, and take place in the museum lobby, or sometimes in a larger room in the adjacent Confederate Memorial Hall Museum (another great museum.) There is a bar serving cocktails and beverages and sometimes  Mrs. Linda is there with her city famous Yak-A-Mein. The band plays two sets and there is a break to get up and stretch and get another drink. What makes this evening so special is the intimate setting. The audience is sitting right there with the musicians, with a possibility to talk or get an autograph between sets or at the end of the performance. The Odgen also likes to span the musical gamut, so each week is a different style of music that has its origins or celebrates the city of New Orleans that you can hear in lyrics and melodies.  The musicians often will talk about their work, the inspiration or the creative process, hearing the songs with a peek into the creative process courtesy of the musicians. Plus you have the option of strolling around the museum during the performance. A unique perspective combining music and art in a casual setting, creating a special experience of New Orleans music and Southern culture.

The show ends at 8 pm so plenty of time to catch dinner at one of the great nearby restaurants or catch an evening musical performance around town.  So, check out the Ogden Museum’s Ogden After Hours, you will be so glad you did!!


Phone: 504.539.9650

Website: Ogdenmuseum.org

Twitter: @ogdenmuseum


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