Clover Grill on Bourbon Street

The Clover Grill is a comforting experience. Reasonably priced and an amusing corner diner brimming with Bourbon Street character twenty-four hours a day. Since 1939 The Clover Grill has been filling the bellies of locals and tourists alike and that’s a much needed respite after hours of New Orleans partying. Being open 24 hours is a good part, but the standard breakfast for $6.29 and the Basic Burger for $6.49 is what the people want and have grown to expect.


Their motto: “Have character…. don’t be one. Everyone brings happiness into this business, some when they come in, and others when they leave. Dancing in the aisles only, please keep off the tables. No talking to yourself. Keep both hands on the table.” It’s by no means a gourmet dinning spot. It’s just a quirky dive in the French Quarter that’s famous for being a location spot in many movies and television series as well as serving up food with attitude and witty banter. I like that is has peeling paint and no pretense. It’s funky and the food is straight ahead greasy spoon with a dollop of whacky. Monday morning is a good time to go. During Festival season there can be a line out the door and down the block. It’s a place everyone should try.Get on over to The Clover Grill the next time you’re up late or early and looking for comfort food in the French Quarter. 



The Clover Grill  900 Bourbon Street  Phone: 504 598-1010

Hours: 24/7  Website:


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