Houma’s House Plantation and Gardens

Getting to Houmas House Plantation and Gardens is a lovely drive from New Orleans. It was a hot day when we went. Getting out of town, near the river, underneath the old oak trees is sweet relief. The beauty of the old homestead forced me to surrender to the tourist experience. I dove in to the life of a wealthy Sugar Baron in the 1800s.  Our Tour Guide was a trove of information and jokes. She led us through 17 rooms of the historic house and we explored a small part of the 38 acres of lush gardens. We wandered down the paths and enjoyed the manicured gardens and exotic birds that dwell there.



We stopped in to the Black Gallery where the Grounds Keeper of forty years paints every day.  The Artist in Residence, Michael Black was painting and his faithful dog, Chip was laying close by. He told us that his father in law got him the job as the Gardener, and he’s been living and working on the plantation ever since. He says he hasn’t left Houmas House much. He’s gone through 35 dogs and feels that his life is ideal. I would have to agree with him and the Southern tradition of relaxing with a refreshing mint julep and enjoying the breeze off the nearby Mississippi River. It is a perfect way to spend the day.

Voted Best Historic Mansion by USA Today Houmas House is perfect for weddings, corporate events, or a Southern vacation.  Stay in the luxurious inn and dine in Southern style at one of the property’s world-class restaurants. 



Houmas House   40136 Highway 942  Darrow, LA 70725  Phone: (225) 473-9380

Hours: & days a week: 9am-7pm

Cafe Burnside Hours:    7 days a week: 11am-2pm

Latil’s Landing Restaurant:  Wednesday-Saturday 6pm-9pm

The Turtle Bar: 11am-10pm

Website: https://houmashouse.com/


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