Hong Kong Food Market

Hong Kong Food Market is off the beaten trail, but worth a trip to Gretna to peruse their huge selection of interesting and hard to find specialty items. It’s best to drive over and go during off hours so you don’t get caught in traffic on the bridge.

Hong Kong Food Market offers Asian products, tropical produce, fresh meat, an on duty Butcher, live seafood, Asian Spices and much, much more! They are famous for their extensive selection of Asian foods, particularly Vietnamese items. It also offers a great array of ethnic cookware, clothing, decorations, shoes, flowers, bulk produce, wine and spirits. The prices vary, but you can get great deals on many things. I enjoy looking at all the different produce that they offer. You can explore all sorts of new taste treats. I ask other shoppers about foods that I do not recognize, and I have learned many things.

Serving the Big Easy since 2005, Hong Kong Food Market customers include local restaurants, professional chefs, and ethnic shoppers looking for Asian products and ingredients that you cannot find anywhere else. New Orleans relies on the Hong Kong Food Market for authentic Asian products and ingredients.

The Hong Kong Food Market has over 11,000 square feet of display space, including a walk-in produce cooler. Alongside banh mi and other prepared foods such as roasted duck and pork belly, there are Taiwanese drinks, exotic fruit smoothies and Hong Kong Food Market also has an “American” department.

Hong Kong Food Market is located in a strip mall that has other interesting shops and restaurants. You can make a day of it and get your fill of the exotic..



Hong Kong Food Market   925 Behrman Hwy  Ste 3  Gretna, LA 70056  

Hours: 7:30am-9:00pm Daily  Phone number (504) 394-7075

Website:  hongkongmarketnola.com


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