Sylvain – A French Quarter Restaurant

Sylvain is one of the prettiest restaurants in the French Quarter. You enter through an alley and walk by their beautiful patio garden in to a rather dark room with a long bar that is inviting and beautifully lit. The décor is simple and the service is professional. They say the name Sylvain came from the first opera to ever be performed in New Orleans. It was May 22nd, 1776. The opera was a one-act written by Andre Getry and Jean-Francois-Marmontel. It tells the story of Sylvain, a well to do young man who is forced to live a humble farmers life because he fell in love and married a lower class woman. His father disinherited him but Sylvain enjoyed the life of a farmer. Fifteen years later when his son is accused of poaching on his land, the humble farmers wife and children plead Sylivain’s innocence. When the wealthy landowner recognizes his long, lost son he realized his folly and they reconcile and all live happily ever after.

The same year as the premier of the opera 1776, local landmark developer Don Andres Almonaster y Roxas completed work on a three story carriage house at 625 Chartres Street in the heart of the French Quarter. This is now home to Sylvain and they offer delicious food with a southern flair and great atmosphere. I had their hamburger and it was perfection, while my dinner guest had the pork shoulder, which was also very good.

Our waiter suggested excellent wines to pair with our meal and the restaurant had a cozy, wonderful atmosphere even thought it was bitter cold outside. Sylvain has gone through recent changes, but it has retained it’s quality of food, service and a well thought out menu. I will be returning to Sylvain.

Sylvain  625 Chartres Street   New Orleans, LA 70130    Phone: (504) 625-8123       Website:


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