St. James Cheese Company

 Cheese is one of my guilty pleasures. I enjoy almost every variety of cheese there is. From creamy cow, to strong goat and flavorful sheep, cheese has been around for a long time. We know that cheese making predates recorded history and that it may have originated accidently when the ancients stored liquids in the stomachs of animals such as sheep, which mixed with the natural rennet. Whatever the story is, the world of cheese is an endless study of goodness.

I recently went to the St. James Cheese Company to try a couple of new cheeses. It was an expensive shopping experience, but a delicious one. I ordered a sandwich ‘to go’ and bought some cheeses (Rowdy Gentleman and a goat Chevre). It was around $50.00 for a sandwich, two cheeses and one small salami, but it was worth it. The restaurant was in the middle of a busy lunch rush. The young lady who waited on me was professional, knowledgeable and steered me to a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich made with pesto and Swiss emmental. It was a delicious sandwich and gave me ideas for my own grilled cheese possibilities. The St. James Cheese Company does a great job at both their locations and they go out of their way to bring us cheese from all over the world. I suggest you check out their web site and stop in to either location and explore the wonderful world of cheese

Happy Hour:  Mon-Sat 3-6pm  3-Cheese Board $10 

 $1 off wines by glass or beer $4 off bottles of wine


St. James Cheese Company Uptown  5004 Prytania Street  504 899-4737

Mon-Wed 11-6 Thurs-Sat 11-8 Sun 11-4

Warehouse District 641 Tchoupitoulas    504 304-1485

Mon-Wed 11-6 Thurs-Fri 11-8 Sat 9-8 Sun Closed

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