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Pirates, Prostitutes and Cockroaches! That is quite a title for a hilarious show about the complicated history of New Orleans (abridged). This original script has been having sold out performances at the Fortress of Lushington (2215 Burgundy) space in The Marigny. It’s a comedic look at the checkered past of our great city and it closes October 28th, so book your tickets now! No worries if you don’t catch this hot new show this time around, it will be returning in January in a new venue with added laughs and a short intermission.

It’s certainly wonderful to have new ideas and fresh theater options in New Orleans. People want to be a part of something great and making fun of the Big Easy (It ain’t big, and it ain’t easy.) is an endless gold mine of stories, song and legends.

Kari Mote, the writer/producer/director of Pirates, Prostitutes, and Cockroaches! loves New Orleans. She came here on a shoestring budget and realized soon after moving here, that there was room for her skills as a director and writer. She spent her formative years in Alaska where she started her own theater company (Kokopelli Theatre) and had some success. She then took to New York City where she produced several shows. But after two years in New York City and visiting New Orleans several times, she decided to make New Orleans her home.

Kari told me, “In Alaska there is a summer comedy revue called, The Whale Fat Follies that pokes fun at all the craziness that is Alaska. I think New Orleans is ripe for just that kind of a show.” So she wrote a script, cast it and directed Pirates, Prostitutes and Cockroaches!  She also started La Fete Theatre, which is starting out with a bang. Congratulations Kari Mote and La Fete Theatre!


Pirates, Prostitutes, and Cockroaches!  Fortress of Lushington  2215 Burgundy New Orleans, LA

October 17, 19 20, 24, 26, 27, 28 8pm October 22nd 3pm  Price: $15 General Admission


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