J’s Creole Wings & Fresh Side

There is a new and delicious place to get wings and wraps. It is on Claiborne right off the I-10. The concept is called the Box Spot. The owner, Omar Duncan has taken an empty lot in the 7th Ward and put two recycled shipping containers side by side with shared outdoor seating on a deck between them. One side is J’s Creole Wings, which offers wings, chicken tenders and fries, topped with bacon and ranch dressing or a garlic-parmesan blend. Across the deck, Fresh Side serves wraps, salads and a selection of fresh fruit and healthy snacks..

Photo Courtesy of the Advocate


At the Box Spot, each container is clean and efficient with wood plank floors, wood-trimmed counters and air-conditioning. It does a brisk business and the Box Spot is planning to expand with a third eatery offering baked goods, ice cream and hand-made ice cream sandwiches. There are also plans to develop another Box Spot in Mid-City on North Broad Street, bringing a similar design and second locations for the wings and wraps. 

The food is good and the service is polite and helpful. The 7th Ward has changed a lot in the last few years, and this new place with a great concept couldn’t hurt. Get on over and try the Honey Mustard Wings!
J’s Creole Wings & Fresh Side   1700 Claiborne Avenue   New Orleans, LA 70116

Phone: 504 309-9444 (Wings) Phone: 504 309-8888 (Wraps)     Open 7 Days a Week



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