Brennan’s , a New Orleans Experience

We had a six o’clock reservation on a Sunday at the world renowned Brennan’s Restaurant.

It was a great dinning experience. We arrived fifteen minutes early and were shown to the Roost Bar until our table was ready. We ordered cocktails and headed to the Courtyard where there is outdoor seating. The courtyard has a pond filled with water and many large turtles. These are famous turtles that star in the slowest Second Line Parade in New Orleans. The story goes that When New Orleans restaurateur Ralph Brennan and Terry White bought the beautiful pink stucco building that housed Brennan’s, they didn’t know they would be acquiring a family of turtles who inhabited the fountain pool under a canopy of palm trees in the property’s beautiful courtyard.

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During the remodeling of the building the turtles were removed until the work was finished. When that happened, Ralph Brennan decided to make the turtles return to their pond an annual celebration. The turtles ride on hand made floats and displays that that celebrate the return of the turtles.  The turtle names are: Béchamel, Espagnole, Hollandaise, Tomate, Veloute, Remoulade, Ravigote, Bordelaise, Mignonette and Cocktail (the only male).  “This could be the slowest second line in New Orleans’ history. They will not become turtle soup because they are part of our family,” Brennan has said.

Brennan’s is also famous for the philosophy that Breakfast can be a gourmet meal. Hence, the Rooster is the emblem of the world famous restaurant. They are also the originator of Bananas Foster.

We enjoyed the service, the story, the duck, the Brule, the okra and the wine. The wine list is elaborate, but they do offer a Less Than 70$ per bottle page that is a good idea.


Brennan’s    417 Royal Street    New Orleans, LA 70130   Phone: 504-525-9711

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