It’s a Streetcar, not a Trolley!

The streetcar is a staple of New Orleans. Hop on, hop off; it’s a fun and easy way to get around the city. Just be sure to never call it a trolley if you’re new to or visiting the area.  While the terms streetcar and trolley are, for the most part, used synonymously in any other city the electric rail inhabits, that’s just not the case here in the Big Easy. It’s a street car. End of story. Though no one really knows why the word trolley is considered the incorrect term in New Orleans, it has simply been accepted that natives will never refer to the city’s beloved streetcars as such. Now that the correct word usage is out of the way, here are some of the most popular lines for traveling around the city:

St. Charles Line

Of the oldest running streetcars in the city is the St. Charles Line. In addition to passing by ample hotels, charming restaurants and shopping, some of the line’s notable stops include the following:

  • Audubon Zoological Gardens
  • Central Business District
  • Uptown
  • Tulane
  • Loyola

Riverfront Line

Those looking to get a taste of classic New Orleans can journey through the city via the Riverfront Line which was introduced to the city in 1988. This line is especially popular among tourist for its sightseeing and dinning stops. Top attractions on the line’s route are:

  • Aquarium of the Americas
  • The French Market
  • Canal Place
  • Harrah’s Casino
  • Riverwalk Marketplace

Canal Street Line

Another standard travel route for tourist and locals alike is the Canal Street Line.  Like the St. Charles Line, these streetcars travel through the Central Business District. Destinations on this route include:

  • City Park
  • Mid-City
  • New Orleans Museum of Art
  • Fairgrounds Race Track

For those looking to explore the city via street car the RTA offers multiple options to fit the traveler’s needs. One way tickets for any of the running lines can be purchased for $1.25. Explorers looking for all day travel via streetcar can purchase a “Jazzy Pass” which is good for unlimited use in 1, 3, and 31 day increments. Happy exploring in the Big Easy!

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