New Orleans Still on the Move

Neuvo Orleans?  In the last several years, many have critiqued that New Orleans is experiencing a Renaissance following the harrowing days of Hurricane Katrina and Rita.  The real estate market has seen tremendous hikes in listing prices, local collegiate application numbers have risen and an influx of startup companies have all contributed to New Orleans’ cultural rebirth.  In true New Orleans fashion, additional places to nosh and imbibe have blossomed as well. 

The hip yet corporate chain, Ace, opened for business in the spring of 2016 and the hotel’s popularity has proven to be sustainable.  From the eclectic lobby, modern Italian restaurant – Josephine Estelle – and the popular rooftop pool, the Ace Hotel has quickly emerged as a place to see and be seen.  Local clothing company, Defend New Orleans, has a location a few doors down and Stumpton Coffee is adjacent to the lobby.  Looking for a memorable bite?  Restaurant Seaworthy, next door to the Ace, is worth a visit for creative pescatarian dishes and craft cocktails.

Thanks to a young hotelier, Ben Weprin, and NFL family member, Cooper Manning, The Pontchatrain Hotel has been received an impressive $10 million renovation.  New Orleans acclaimed chef, John Besh, is behind the Carribean Room restaurant’s reemergence.   Similar to Galatoire’s dress code policy, gentlemen are required to wear jackets when dining.  Keeping with the Carribean Room’s history, the mile high dessert remains on the menu and has become a popular picture on Instagram.  The most impressive new feature of The Pontchatrain Hotel?  Take the elevators to the 14th floor and prepare to be awestruck by the rooftop views at the Hot Tin Bar.

Craving additional al fresco experiences?  Visit Catahoula, this boutique hotel is tucked away on Union St in the Central Business District.   Catahoula’s lobby bar has a plethora of pisco enriched cocktails as well as creative, nonalcoholic coffees.  Peruvian inspired cuisine, an Instagram worthy rooftop bar and mixology delights, don’t miss the opportunity for a Catahoula experience. 




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