Halloween Decorations

On Wednesday, instead of depressing myself watching the last presidential debate, I decided to take a drive to admire the Halloween decorations.   Most New Orleanians know that the best street for this is State Street.   Where in the world do this folks store all this stuff!   One house pulls out at least five full size mummies ,another is covered with spiders bigger than my car and one house  was so covered in orange lights that it was  actually hard to look at.  (I’ll bet their electric bill will be hard to look at as well.)  Of course, the house that needs the biggest storage shed has to be the “skeleton house” on State Street and St Charles Avenue.  This family covers their house every year with well over 200 skeletons, all with accompanying spooky and silly and very clever puns. There are regulars like the Skeletons in the closet; Murder Miss Tree who reads The Witching Hour perched on an oak limb, and the Dare Devil who walks a wrought iron fence balance beam.Skeltons on St. Charles Ave

There are also always a few newcomers such as this year’s homage to the presidential candidates (along with a SkeleKen Bone) which stood front and center and reminded me of that debate I was skipping.

After that I continued down State to Magazine and turned left to travel a few miles down to the 2400 block. This just came on my radar last year and it is well worth the trip.  There are actually three really cool houses on Magazine between Second and Third, two on the river side of the street and one on the lake side.   The best of these houses is the one on the corner of Magazine and Second where they have purchased some seriously high tech stuff.  You definitely have to park for this one as it takes several minutes to see the whole show which includes dancing spirits floating in the windows from room to room, a ghoul who shoots lasers right and left that light up the trees outside, and even a guest appearance from Ghost Busters’ Slimer.  I imagine this is all stuff one can buy online and perhaps in years to come this sort of thing will become as passé as the rubber bugs trapped in my Dollar Store polyester spider web.  For now I really appreciate the people who are ahead of the curve.  They are a wonderful part of my Halloween season each year.

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