Audubon Park

One of the best ways to get to know a city is to enjoy it’s parks. It is a great way to relax, enjoy the natural environment, and appreciate the way the city has designated its public resources. New Orleans has a selection of many parks to go to, but one of the most well-known is Audubon Park. 


You can start by taking the St. Charles streetcar line all the way Uptown, winding past the mansions and under the canopy of live oak trees. Once you get off the streetcar, you’ll be in the midst of the overlapping Tulane and Loyola college campuses marked by beautiful stone buildings that sprawl like little castles. The front entrance to Audubon Park includes a big walking and biking loop where you can stroll and admire the variety of trees and wildlife, including big cypress trees, blue herons and egrets. 

Towards the downriver edge of the park, river-side of Magazine Street, you can find the Tree of Life, a giant live oak tree who’s boughs are so sprawling that you could host twenty different picnics beneath its limbs. You can often find weddings and other celebrations taking place under its branches. The tree is one of the most loved landmarks for locals, whether we’re just walking past or sitting to enjoy the space.

The Tree of Life is just on the edge of Audubon Zoo, one of the biggest attractions in the city. Throughout the year, the zoo hosts all kinds of events around the year, from holiday celebrations to family fun, kid-friendly days. Make sure you check out their website to see what’s going on when you visit.

At the edge of the park, on the slice right against the Mississippi River is what New Orleanians fondly refer to as “The Fly,” which is hands-down the best place to catch the sunset in the city. You can always find a gathering of friends and family members, holding big picnics or enjoying the space on their own, with drinks and food, or books and music, enjoying the natural spaces of the city, finding a way to celebrate life, whether it’s a Friday or Tuesday night.

So no matter how you choose to enjoy Audubon Park, be sure to make your way to one of the most recognized and loved places in the city.




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