Dirty Coast

It’s almost impossible to find other citizens who love their cities as much as New Orleanians love our’s. Once you know it and love it, it’s hard to leave New Orleans. The city has one of the highest rates of population retention in the country because no one wants to leave. From the Saints to the festivals and celebrations to the music and culture, New Orleanians are proud of their city and can hardly imagine living anywhere else. I mean, where else can you drink your Bloody Mary on the street while listening to great music for free?

We love our city. And we love the visitors who come to our city, as tourism is our biggest industry and a huge reason why our city can stay afloat. We love the visitors, whether it is their first and only time coming or whether they are the type who come back year after year, making their pilgrimage to the south. When people come to our city and enjoy their time here, they go back to their homes and become champions for New Orleans from afar. And our city needs champions.


So we like to treat our visitors as our own. We want to tell them the best places to eat and find music, even the best places for souvenirs. We wanna make sure you’re always supporting the true New Orleans institutions that represent our wonderful city. And one of those such stores is Dirty Coast, a clothing company specializing in printed t-shirts with slogans and puns about the city – “New Orleans, so far behind we’re ahead” or the Rebirth Brass Band motto “Do Whatchu Wanna.” The shirts speak in our language, they tell our stories and celebrate with us. There are designs with trees decorated with Mardi Gras beads and a complex diagram of a po’ boy.

Dirty Coast started in 2004, aiming to battle the Bourbon Street t-shirts being sold as authentic New Orleans. After Katrina hit, Blake was in Lafayatte and he designed and printed a simple bumper sticker that was a huge success. “Be a New Orleanian Where You Are,” it said, and it was all that needed to be said. 

Dirty Coast proudly claims that everything they do is a proclamation of their love for New Orleans. So when you’re looking for a place that really represents and embodies our city, think of Dirty Coast. They have two locations, one near Frenchmen and one on Magazine, so be sure to go check them out and support a great local establishment.

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