The Delachaise

St. Charles is one of the most iconic streets in New Orleans. The streetcar rumbling down the tracks, the huge mansions surrounded by expansive gardens, the canopy of live oaks over the avenue. It is what comes to mind for many when they think of New Orleans, especially the Uptown neighborhood.

There are dozens of restaurants along St. Charles that allow you to enjoy the avenue, but The Delachaise really allows you to sit right out on the sidewalk. The small bar and restaurant almost looks like a streetcar from the outside. It has a copper exterior with a rounded, mostly glass front facing the street. This is a neighborhood spot where visitors and residents go to sit outside and enjoy food and drink and the sounds and atmosphere of the city.


The Delachaise is straight-forward and easy to navigate. All food and drinks are ordered at the bar and you are able to seat yourself and pick out your own spot. The food will be delivered right to you. The bar has a great selection of over two dozen wines, available by the bottle. Plus, they have a daily happy hour that never disappoints.

The food menu is solid and sure to satisfy. The kitchen is open late, which is a rare thing to find in the city. You can get some of your favorite wine bar snacks, like a cheese plate or olives, but they also have interesting small plates, like frog legs with remoulade and grilled eggplant cannolis. Each dish is packed with flavor and tends to verge from the traditional New Orleans ingredients. If going out to eat with friends, it is a great chance to order a variety of small plates to share. But if you’re going for a full meal, there are plenty of larger plates available as well, including a three-cheese grilled cheese, mussels, shrimp and pork.

No matter what time you plan on going to The Delachaise, you can always find food and drink to satisfy as you sit out on St. Charles and watch the city play out before you.


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