Creole Creammery

New Orleans is about indulgence. Whether it’s fried food, celebrations, seafood boils or festivals, we like them often and in abundance. Which is why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this city is a hotspot for sugar. From the famous bread pudding, banana foster, beignets and king cake that are so much apart of our culture, to the less common ice cream daiquiris and gourmet donuts popping up around the city, there is no shortage of places to get your sugar fix.

Photo Courtesy of Creole Creamery's website

Photo Courtesy of Creole Creamery’s website

One of the best places to stop by for dessert is the Creole Creamery, a local, homemade ice cream shop with a wide assortment of flavors. Creole Creamery is a simple ice cream parlor, lined with booths and pictures on the walls. The flavors change often, to keep the menu fresh and to allow the shop to experiment with new and unique flavors. Though you can always find traditional ice cream flavors at the shop – chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, strawberry – the ice cream cases are usually filled with many nontraditional flavors. You can find floral flavors, like magnolia flower and lavender honey, as well as spins on classics, such as thai basil coconut and cafe au lait. One of the most well-known flavors the shop has year round is creole cream cheese.

There are many menu items for customers who want to sample an assortment of flavors. While you can opt to get a cup or cone of up to three flavors, there is also the choice to order a mini 5-scoop sampler, so you really get to try the maximum amount of flavors. The menu also features many ice cream parlor comforts, like a banana split sundae, milkshakes, mats and brownie sundae.

The menu is always changing, and whether it’s a hot summer day or a cooler winter night, there are always customers lining up for ice cream at the Creole Creamery. The flavors change with the seasons, so no two visits are the same. Whatever way you indulge while visiting, make sure you don’t miss the Creole Creamery.

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