Restaurant Cavan

Found among the stretches on Magazine Street, Cavan is a new restaurant housed in an old Uptown home, putting small twists on mostly traditional dishes and drinks from the Gulf South. The restaurant’s home is a beautiful old, two-story house. Downstairs features a dining room with a bar and upstairs is a lounge area. There is also seating out on the patio, with a view of Magazine St.

Cavan is the new project of Leblanc + Smith, who also own Sylvain, Meauxbar and Barrel Proof. The drink menu is simply and is mostly composed of classics, designed to match the local ingredients of the menu. The downstairs dining room is an old living room. Framed pictures on the wall and plushy armchairs at each table make your dining experience very laid back and comfortable. Though Cavan tends to attract an older, more dressed-up crowd, there is no need to come in your best attire.

Photo Courtesy of The Advocate

Photo Courtesy of The Advocate

The menu includes lots of small plates and starter items to share with the table. You can order hush puppies drizzled in a spicy honey, some boiled and seasoned peel-and-eat shrimp and some creamed greens. There is also a section of “toasts” on the menu, simple combinations of fresh ingredients, like the crab and avocado toast or the goat cheese and tomato marmalade toast. Not only is there a solid bowl of gumbo on the menu, there is also a delicious clam chowder with homemade oyster crackers that cannot be missed.

The menu features all of our favorite seafood items – shrimp, clams, oysters, octopus, redfish – all highlighted by seasonal vegetables and flavors. There is also an expansive list of meats, from a half roasted chicken to pork chops to grilled quail to a burger that won’t disappoint.

Cavan does a great job showcasing all of the fish and meat we love in this city, while managing to combine it with fresh, healthy ingredients. While we do love all of our deep fried seafood, it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a meal from a kitchen that doesn’t rely too heavily on a deep frier.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Cavan tends to fill up quickly, so make sure you make a reservation early if you want to grab a table on the weekend. Though it’s only been on the restaurant scene for a few months now, Cavan is sure to become a staple and well-loved dining establishment for locals and visitors alike.

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