Eating in The French Quarter

Taste the flavors of New Orleans. With so many places to choose from, you might feel at first like you’ve bit off more than you can chew.  Put your reservations aside about fitting in your jeans, and feel free to enjoy the “Je nes se quois” of the cities Restaurant Culture. Meandering through the French Quarter can leave you with a voracious appetite – and you’re in the right place. No matter where you go, you’re in for a treat.
Start you day right with a visit to Fluer-De-Lis. Need some hair of the dog that bit you? Make sure to try their Bloody Mary’s with your Creole Country Breakfast, or signature French Toast. For the bacon aficionado seeking their daily value of lycopene, try the Bacon Bloody Mary. Served with top-shelf Vodka and a kick that isn’t for the light of heart, the combination of this nightshade berry-fruit and smokey bacon offers itself as a warm companion to your meal. Conveniently situated in it’s downtown locations on Charters and French Market place, it’s the place to go for a quintessential  Quarter petite-déjeuner .
Feeling peckish? Swing by Lüke for a Happy Hour pick me up.
Located in the former Grand Lodge of Louisiana, Lüke is Chef John Besh’s “homage to the Franco-German brasseries that once reigned in town”. Take a seat at the bar, and aw shucks. The world is your oyster – literally. Grab a plate of their infamous .75 cent raw oysters on the half shell and pair it with the bitter’s of an Old Fashioned. Served with Tabasco Sauce from Avery Island, Louisiana, the fresh lemons and horseradish add a peppery, complex, and bright flavor and texture. Their freshly caught oysters melt in you mouth. There isn’t much not to be happy about when you’re at Happy Hour at Lüke.
For dinner head over to  Restaurant R’evolution.  It’s worth the wait. Famous for its “Death By Gumbo” – a Roasted Quail stuffed with Andouille, Oysters and Filé Rice – this brainchild and first joint venture of award-winning chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto is a cross-cultural fusion of food and flavors.  Start your meal with a crisp and clean Spaghetti Squash Salad to cleanse your palate. Slice into Tournedos of Beef – rare to perfection – and pair it with a side of Truffled mashed potatoes or Brussel sprouts with pancetta. Wine and dine its enchanting and rustic atmosphere whether you’re seeking a snack or a multi-course meal.  Everything here is both simply beautiful and delicious.
Adding meals to your travel itinerary can be overwhelming  but regardless of where you choose to eat, finding unique and local fare to satiate you vacationing taste buds is easy .


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