French Quarter Restaurant: Green Godness

The French Quarter is small, but endless. No matter how many times you walk down its narrow streets, there is always something new to discover. Some store or hidden courtyard you hadn’t noticed before.

The pedestrian walkway that houses Green Goddess is one of those paths you probably would have passed up a thousand times without noticing. The narrow street is closed off to cars and lined with potted palms and flowers. Green Goddess is a small restaurant, with room inside to seat less than a dozen people, but tables and chairs overflow onto the walkway. The beautiful alley acts as the dining room for guests.

Enjoy Outside Tables at The Green Godness

Enjoy Outside Tables at The Green Godness

Lunch at the Green Goddess will leave you satisfied all day. They pride themselves on their fresh, local ingredients and creative twists on traditional New Orleans and Caribbean dishes. Start your day off with what is tied for my favorite bloody mary in the city. And make sure to begin your lunch with an order of sweet potato biscuits, served with cane syrup and homemade pepper jelly. Though vegetarians and vegans may feel a lack of choice when it comes to our loacl cuisine, at Green Goddess, there are many vegetarian plates. For example, non-meat eaters have the pleasure to indulge in a biscuit and mushroom gravy dish, which is served over truffle grits topped with manchego cheese and an egg poached in crab boil, and is one of my favorite plates of food I’ve ever eaten. There are many other menu items that can be tailored to vegan or vegetarian diets, such as the cuban sandwich and the tofu poboy.

Each dish is crafted from a combination of ingredients that will surprise you and leave your taste buds reeling from the distinct flavors. Each dish is composed of an assortment of colors and accented with fresh herbs and homemade sauces. Many dishes are composed with fruit, like sandwiches pressed with pineapple and hearty bowls mixed with mango. They capitalize on ingredients that are in-season, and, along with the set menu items, they offer a daily special, which is usually a crawfish, oysters or crab dish – depending on the season – prepared in exciting ways you won’t find elsewhere.

Lunch is my favorite time to stop by Green Goddess, as it is a perfect way to set up a day of enjoying the Quarter. But the restaurant is open all day. After lunch and before dinner, they serve drinks and cheese for two hours. They serve a full dinner menu, complete with many of the same items available for lunch, and many other options, including dishes that feature mushrooms, pork, meatloaf, crab and duck.

So, no matter what time of day it is, make sure you stop by Green Goddess to enjoy a dynamic meal that will have you coming back for more.


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