Audubon Park

One of our greatest treasures lies not far from Southern Comfort and is well worth the short trip there to experience it in person…and that’s our beloved Audubon Park, located in the Uptown area between St. Charles Avenue and the Mississippi River.
Audubon Park’s beginnings are relatively recent in regards to overall New Orleans’ history. The city annexed and then purchased the huge track of undeveloped land back in 1871 from the owners of a plantation and named it in honor of the great artist and naturalist, John James Audubon, who began living in the city in 1821. During the first decade of its existence, there were few improvements made to the park and it pretty much remained in a wild, undeveloped state. But after hosting a World’s Fair and the 1884 Cotton Centennial, the park began to take shape and development began in earnest.DSC_0432
In 1898, the Audubon Golf Course opened in the park and is still one of the most popular features of the park today. In fact, CNN has included Audubon Park Golf Course in their list of “11 of the World’s Top City Golf Courses”. In recent years, the golf course was renovated to a most Par 3 executive course but is a popular golfing destination for visitors and locals alike.
And right by the golf course lies what many consider the “crown jewel” of the park…the Audubon Zoo. It covers 58 acres and is home to 2,000 animals and is among the top 20 favorite places to visit in the city and one of the top zoos in America. It is so loved by everyone in the city, that, back in 1975, “The Meters” made it famous nationwide with their iconic song “I Went on Down to the Audubon Zoo and They All Asked for You”.
If you’re a runner and looking for one of the most beautiful jogging trails in America, you’ll find it right here in Audubon Park. In the 1980s, the ring road around the park was closed to automobile traffic and became the popular 1.7-mile walking, jogging and biking route. A 2.2-mile path located around the perimeter of the park is also popular for runners seeking a less congested route.
Whether you’re a nature lover, a zoo enthusiast, a golfer or a jogger, the Audubon Zoo has something for everyone. The park’s majestic live oaks draped in Spanish Moss, offer a welcoming respite to those looking for a quiet, bucolic place to picnic or to dream the day away under their spreading canopy.

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