Antoine’s – An Elegant and Affordable Lunch

New Orleans is justifiably famous for its elegant fine dining establishments. And perhaps one of the best known is Antoine’s, one of the French Quarter “Grande Dame” restaurants that has been a family-owned institution since 1840.
Most visitors think that dining at Antoine’s, with its tuxedo-clad servers, white tablecloths, superb service, old-world surroundings and gracious French Creole menu will leave you deliciously-full, but totally flat-broke when you leave the establishment. And if you dine at night, that is pretty much the truth.antoinesbreadpudding
But here’s one of the  Quarter’s best-kept secret that many longtime local regulars know about, love and rarely tell others so it doesn’t become too “popular”. And that’s Antoine’s daily $20.15 Seasonal Lunch Special, that’s an unbelievably delicious three-courses…and as a special treat…is also served with 25c cocktails for those who order it. (Sorry…Limit three cocktails per person…but just enough to make you leave with a happy glow about you!)
And if you think you’re going to get some random warmed-over meal for this affordable $20.15 price that you’d find at some dark French Quarter dive bar and restaurant, think again! On my last trip there, I started with a bowl of dark-rich Alligator Bisque, that was as good as you’ll get anywhere on earth, and set the perfect tone for what was about to come. This was followed by my entrée of a decadently-delicious fork-tender Cajun Pork Tenderloin served over a spicy bed of Louisiana “Dirty Rice”. And as the perfect ending to a perfect meal, my dessert was warm Pecan Bread Pudding with a Bourbon Sauce! And if you think this sounds delicious, it’s even more tempting to know that you get a choice of one of three appetizers, entrees and desserts so you and your dining partners can each try something different and sample the delicacies off each other’s plate.
The dress code for lunch at Antoine’s is casual, but here’s another secret that will make your experience even better, dress up a bit with a sports coat for the gentlemen and a casual dress for the ladies, and it’ll make your daily lunch special even more memorable. And not only that, but you’ll get much-better service from your servers who appreciate it when you put out an extra-effort…and they will too!
The menus change with each season, but you can see the daily specials by going to Antoines and clicking on the Seasonal Menus. It’s served daily from 11:30am to 2pm at 713 St. Louis Street in the heart of the Quarter. Reservations are a must at 504-581-4422. And as one last hint, to make it even more special, call in person and ask to be seated in the “Big Room” in the back of the restaurant where all the locals eat! Bon appetite, folks!

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