Air BnB

Air BnB in the fastest growing illegal business in the world.  The idea was literally creating from one  sleeping on an air mattress at a friends house. Amazing how foutures have been made by a single idea that is transformed over the internet in record time. They are now all over the world and worth billions of dollars.

So whats the deal you say?  In all honesty because I am a B&B owner and advocate against it, one would naturally say that I am just against the competition.  That is not the reality at all. The general public just isn’t familiar enough with the facts.


Just in the New Orleans area there are  2500 illegal properties that are renting there homes .  There may be one or two that are truly renting that spare bedroom but the truth is that entire house is being rented, houses that were once in the local rental market.  Affordable housing for locals is the real issue as well as the  vanishing face of the neighborhoods . The fact that they now want to pay taxes doesn’t fix the real issues.

Since there is no density laws regulating these properties, historical neighborhoods are becoming a vacation playland. People come and go and they no longer have any familair faces in the block. Who than watches out for each other as neighbors do?

And there is no one on the premises as is required for B&B’s,  who tells the vacationers to shut it down if becomes noisy. The truth is that this has become big business and these folks are taking advantage of the lack of enforcement and weak laws.

Just something to think about…..






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