Cafe Adelaide: a Favorite French Quarter Restaurant

New Orleans is known for food. Even the smallest cafe will offer a delicious gumbo or blackened steak. But most well known, when it comes to delicious Creole food, is the Brennan family and it’s famous restaurant, Commander’s Palace, in the city’s Garden District. Knowing how I love Commander’s I did a bit of research and found Cafe Adelaide.

Cafe Adelaide is a sister restaurant to Commander’s. Owned by the same family members. Named after their aunt, Adelaide, it is a tribute to her joie de vivre and her habit of always looking on the bright side and living the good life. The restaurant is located on the main floor of the Loew’s Hotel at the corner of Poydras and St. Peter, just across the boulevard from the famous French Quarter.

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When you visit the Cafe on the weekend you’ll want to don your best hat! Entering into this fine eating establishment with your fanciest chapeau will provide you a choice of free signature martinis to accompany your meal. The menu clearly says a limit of three (cause that’s enough!). Aunt Adelaide loved fine food and libations, she would certainly be pleased!

I am a brunch lover so having heard of Cafe Adelaide’s “Brunch With Hat-itude!” I had to learn more. I was not disappointed. Chef Carl has put together a menu of such delectable items it’s enough to make a foodies head spin! His take on corndogs, made with whole Gulf shrimp and Tasso, served on a pool of five pepper jelly with pickled okra garnish is simply heaven!

You might also find paradise in The Boucherie Biscuit. A light as air buttermilk biscuit split and topped with shredded braised pork shoulder, topped with two poached eggs, Andouille country gravy and a generous dollop of Creole slaw. When you visit Cafe Adelaide you’ll find out for yourself! The menu is full of so many delicious options it may be hard to choose. Have more than one or share with that special someone!

Did anyone mention dessert? Lift me up to the heavens! A delectable Meyer lemon trifle topped with homemade candied ginger ice cream….

A luscious dense chocolate brownie with freshly made coconut sorbet…..

Or the Cafe’s fabulous cheesecake, made with their very own Creole cream cheese, drizzled with a bit of blackberry liqueur and garnished with the berries themselves. You have to save room for dessert, don’t even think of leaving without it.

My trip to Cafe Adelaide was memorable leaving me longing to go back for more! Aunt Adelaide is surely smiling down from a fluffy cloud, wearing one of her signature fur coats. Or maybe she’s wandering through the tables, with a wink and a smile as she delights in seeing diner’s enjoy this wonderful eatery named in her honor.

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