Internet Madness

I guess this is a sign of my age, but I am not so impressed with the internet and all the fraud opportunities it is producing.  I have just had a frightening experienced with VRBO which has left me with a feeling that someone has been rummaging through my lingerie drawer .


Someone has hacked my account with VRBO and has been receiving my reservation requests and has been emailing back and forth with them as me.  They have sent contracts back and forth and have been requesting that a money transfer be sent to Germany because that is where I am suppose to live!  Luckily at least 3 people have become suspicious.  But I am waiting for that family to arrive and expect to move into my house for a week and I have never even heard of them. And the nightmare is that they could have paid someone in full.

This is indeed a changing world…please be careful with these internet based vacation sites, I am a licensed and inspected Bed and Breakfast with lots of insurance. We never request cash to be wired nor would we ever give a discount if the money is wired immediately!




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