Sweet Treats made in New Orleans

In a town known for decadence and overindulgence, it’s important to know where to score your next sugar fix. Fortunately, there are some hidden gems whether you crave your sweets hot, cold, or in-between.  Here is a sampler of some off-the-beaten-path local treats:little girl with blonde hair in a blue dress eating a snoball

1) District Donuts-Sliders-Brew. District certainly lives up to their slogan “Purveyors of Delicious” when it comes to their uniquely flavored, pillowy-soft homemade donuts. District uses all natural ingredients creating imaginative fillings and glazes by hand. Every day they serve seven of their 100 uniquely designed donut flavors, as well as donut staples glazed, cinnamon sugar and chocolate.  Try the blood orange version —a glossy-glazed masterpiece of fried dough with a nice jolt of citrus flavor. Their brŭléed Cinnamon Rolls are wonderfully over-the-top, too. Pairing your sweet with a small artisan-batch roasted coffee, served by the congenial and handsome District staff, you’ll find a great doughy sugar jolt at 2209 Magazine Street.

2) Café Beignet. Sure, designer donuts are worth the trip to District, but everyone has to have at least one beignet splurge while visiting NOLA. If the crowds at Café Du Monde are too intimidating, consider Café Beignet at 334 Royal Street. Café Beignet has a second location inside Bourbon Street’s Musical Legends Park, but the original location is inside their quaint ‘carriage house’ storefront — featuring an adjacent shady patio shared with curious stray cats who often slip underneath the N.O.P.D. building next door. The beignets are crisp and generously dusted with powdered sugar and (although it is not designer coffee) their chicory-infused café au lait drinks nicely compliment the fried pastry. Café Beignet also has a breakfast and lunch menu, and recently added light musical entertainment, Thursday through Sunday from 3:00pm -7:00pm.

3) Plum Street Snoballs. On a hot summer night, taking a slow walk to the neighborhood sno-ball stand for finely shaved ice drenched with flavored cane sugar syrup and condensed milk might be nearly a necessity. The neighborhood sno-ball shop is a local tradition, a heritage that family-owned Plum Street Snoballs has upheld since 1945. Favorites include iced coffee cream, red velvet cake, bubble gum, and pink lemonade. On the corner of Plum and Burdette streets (Uptown), Plum Street Snoballs is open from March through October until 9:00pm.

So, whether it’s fresh fried dough, or an ice-cold sno-ball, or a warm slice of peach pie, New Orleans’ sweet spots will ensure your dessert desires are superbly satisfied.

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