Nirvana Indian Cuisine

New Orleans may not have many Indian restaurants, but when it does, the food is done well. Nirvana Indian Cuisine on Magazine St in the Uptown neighborhood is no exception. Nirvana stays true to traditional Indian dishes in both ingredients and styles of cooking and offers locals and visitors an authentic taste of a rich foodie culture that is not often explored in the city.

Nirvani Indian Cuisine

Nirvana was founded in 1999 by Har and Anila Keswani, who were determined to revive Indian culture in the city and disprove misconceptions about Indian food: primarily that Indian food is all extremely hot and all made from curry powder. Keswani demonstrates the wide range of Indian foods available, spicy or otherwise, while proving that Indian food is made up of a marriage of incredible spices, not just the typical shortcut, curry powder.

Nirvana offers a variety of traditional Indian dishes, including curry, vindaloo, saag, korma, and khatma metha teekha for chicken, lamb, shrimp, fish and vegetable plates. For each type of meat, you can order other specialty dishes, such as chicken patia, butter chicken, lamb achari, lamb jal frezi, shrimp tikka masala, and kali-milch shrimp. The restaurant offers tandoori and biryani menus with a variety of different styles and ingredients as well.

For starters and appetizers, the restaurant serves up samosas, pakoras, kebabs, and garam chicken soup. Everything on the menu can be complemented with Nirvana’s delicious bread selections, including naan, poori, aloo paratha, roti and onion kulcha. These bread are also included in their own dishes, such as keema naan, stuffed with lamb, or paneer kulcha, stuffed with cheese. For dessert you could try saffron kulfi, which is Indian style ice cream, or gulab jamun, which are fried milk balls in rose syrup. Top it all off with a delicious drink like hot chai or sweet, mango or salty lassi yogurt drinks.

Hungry for a taste of Indian food and culture? Head over to Nirvana Indian Cuisine (4308 Magazine St) to have your fill—and mop it up with naan!

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