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Magazine St is a culture and shopping hub in New Orleans, and part of this shopping mecca includes a plethora of antique shops stretching up and down the six-mile thoroughfare. The antiques range in type, time period, place of origin and style, and anyone interested in antiques is sure to fine something they’ll love in this New Orleans treasure trove. Here are a few of the best antique shops Magazine St has to offer.

Magazine Antique Mall (3017 Magazine St)
As the largest of Magazine St’s collection of antique shops, Magazine Antique Mall includes dozens of antique dealers set up across 6,500 feet full of antique and vintage merchandise. Open from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. everyday except Sunday, when it opens at noon, the mall’s vendors carry everything from vintage furniture to authentic costume jewelry from a range of time periods as well as New Orleans art, toys, pottery, books, prints, china, linens and silver.
Ann Koerner Antiques (4021 Magazine St)
Ann Koerner Antiques is another carrier of items from a wide range of time periods and styles as well as a selection of contemporary design pieces for creating distinct artsy décor. Her wares are inspired the formative years of her life in the Mississippi wilds as well as her parents’ cultural identities, personalities and travels around the world. The antiques range from classic to eclectic but always having a firm grounding in the superbly stylistic.
Karla Katz Antiques (4017 Magazine St)
A premier French antiques shop on Magazine St, Karla Katz Antiques is a respected figure in French antiques collections who travels to France each year to pick a full container’s worth of incredible pieces to sell at her shop. When she receives a shipment, her store is piled to the high ceilings with an array of furniture, artwork, chandeliers, sculptures, textiles and other decorative items—mostly French pieces, but also some from Italy and England as well.
New Orleans has a host of shops for antique enthusiasts to browse—including several more upscale shops in the French Quarter—but Magazine St boasts a respectable niche antique market that sells an array of items and styles to choose from.

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