Essentials for 2015 Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest is upon us, and you may be getting ready to make last-minute plans and figure out what you’ll pack for your trip. The event is enormous and lasts several hours, so there are plenty of essentials you can—and should—bring to make sure you have the best experience possible. Here are a few of the most important last-minute essentials to pack for Jazz Fest.

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2015 Jazz and Heritage Festival

Comfortable Shoes You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty

This is one of the most important clothing choices you’ll make for Jazz Fest. The Jazz Fest grounds are huge with tons of music, food and culture to see and hear, so you’ll likely be doing plenty of walking if you’re trying to see a lot of it. In addition to wearing comfortable shoes, it’s also advisable to wear shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Even when it doesn’t rain, heavy foot traffic can cause large, sometimes unavoidable, pools of mud in some walkways. Even if you plan on staking out a place at one of the stages for all or most of the day, consider keeping your nice shoes at home.

Sunscreen / Hat

This one is easy to forget, but sunscreen is essential to having a good time both during and after the festival. The sun is high in the sky for much of the festival’s hours, beating down on attendees and easily causing sunburns. To prevent being in pain later in the day or the next, it’s best to bring sunscreen and/or even a hat if that’s your style.

Toilet Paper / Antibacterial Wipes

Jazz Fest is heavily attended, and the porta potties don’t always come well-equipped with enough toilet paper to last the entire day. In those cases, it’s best to bring your own toilet paper. The same goes for antibacterial wipes. Sinks and soap are hard to come by, and you don’t want to miss out on eating that delicious po-boy just because your hands are dirty.

You’ll likely have plenty of your own personal essentials you want to bring to customize your experience, but these are some of the most important ones to remember.

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