Dining at the Court of Two Sisters

If you read the long history of this extremely antiquated building, with records of the property dating back to at least 1726, you’ll find that 613 Royal St (once known as 613 Rue Royale) has been everything from a governor’s house to a clothing store, originally named The Shop of Two Sisters in the mid-19th century. The two sisters who owned the shop dressed the city’s most upscale women in fine Mardi Gras costumes and formal gowns and served their favorite customers tea in what is now The Court of Two Sisters’ famous courtyard, one of the largest and most picturesque in the French Quarter. Starting in about the 1920s, the building began being used for culinary purposes until it eventually evolved to its current state under the watch of the Fein family.


In addition to its famous courtyard and fabulous dinner menu, The Court of Two Sisters is known for its Jazz Brunch, which the restaurant hosts every day instead of just on Sundays like most other New Orleans restaurants. The menu changes from day to day based on the fresh ingredients the staff has, but that menu could include everything from Creole jambalaya and shrimp etouffee to Duck a l’Orange and turtle soup. There’s also a cold buffet with an array of dishes like boiled shrimp, pasta salads, ceviche, cheeses and more.

The Court of Two Sisters provides a fine dining experience that idealizes local culture and culinary offerings and is one not to miss if Creole fare is on your list.

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