Our Favorite Pastry Shops

New Orleans’ food drips with decadence, and there’s nothing like a delicious pastry to brighten up your trip to the city. No matter where you are in town, you can find an amazing bakery serving up any number of different types of pastries, both locally concocted and European-influenced. Here are three of the best pastry shops you’ll find in NOLA.

Angelo Brocato (214 N Carrollton Ave – Mid-City)

With Italian desserts based on Sicilian family recipes from the early 1900s, Angelo Brocato, founded in 1905, has been a beloved pastry shop in the city for more than a century, and it’s the parlour’s classic approach to fine pastries that make it one of the best shops in the city. Also known for its creamy gelato and Italian ice, Brocato’s serves up a wide variety of pastries, from cannoli and cannocini to almond crescents, chocolate eclairs, tarts and blueberry crisp. The shop is located right on the Canal St/City Park streetcar line and is not to be missed.


La Boulangerie (4600 Magazine St – Uptown)

For a French take on delectable pastries, La Boulangerie serves a variety of desserts fit to appeal to any Magazine St shopper. This artisanal bakery offers chocolate almond croissants, apple cinnamon danishes, tiramisu, lemon and blueberry tarts and more. It also bakes memorably delicious breads, king cakes and sandwiches if you’re in the mood for something to go along with your delightful dessert.

Croissant D’Or Patisserie (617 Ursulines Ave – French Quarter)

For another to-die-for experience at a French bakery, Croissant D’Or Patisserie offers an array of French pastries and other baked goods plus espresso drinks, all of which can be enjoyed in a quaint French Quarter courtyard. Sweet pastries include everything from muffins, strudels and tarts to Bavarian and assorted mousses, chocolate rum balls, meringues, chocolate eclairs, chocolate silk pies and frangipane. The bakery also offers savory pastries like a mini or spinach quiche, quiche Lorraine, meat pie, and spicy sausage potato au gratin.

No matter what you’re craving, our pastry shops can help you calm that sweet tooth.

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