3 Best Spots for Beignets

Who doesn’t love light, crispy, fried dough squares drenched in a heaping pile of powdered sugar? In New Orleans, we call these delights beignets, and they are an immensely popular culinary attraction for visitors to indulge in when they visit the city. If you’re one of those people in search of the perfect beignet, try any of these three spots for a delectable southern sweet treat.


Café du Monde (French Quarter – 800 Decatur St)

You can’t mention beignets without thinking of Café du Monde right off the bat. While it has since expanded to locations across the metropolitan area, its main and most famous locale still rests in the French Quarter on Decatur St at the French Market, just on the other side of the levee from the Mississippi River. This is a popular spot for both tourists and locals alike who are looking for a piping hot trio of beignets at any time of day.beignets

The shop is almost always packed, so plan ahead, especially if you want to snag a table to cover with all of the excess powdered sugar you’ll find snowing off the pastry with each delicious bite. You can also always grab the beignets to-go in a signature white Café du Monde bag (don’t forget to shake it up to completely cover the beignet with sugar). If you’re interested, you can also buy Café du Monde beignet mix, and of course, their coffee and hot chocolate selection is always a treat.

Café Beignet (French Quarter – 311 Bourbon St)

If you don’t mind braving Bourbon St, Café Beignet is another favorite spot for beignets in New Orleans, located in the heart of the French Quarter, just a few blocks off Canal St. Café Beignet provides a quaint café setting both inside and out with arguably some of the best coffee and beignets you’ll find in the city. While a place like Café du Monde is more dedicated exclusively to beignets, at Café Beignet, you can also find breakfast served all day as well as Cajun specialties and fried seafood.

Morning Call (Metairie – 3325 Severn Ave)

You’ll have to find a way to get out of the city for this one, but if you truly want some of the best beignets in the area, heading out to Morning Call, located just a block from Lakeside Mall, is a necessary destination. Long tables lined with round stools greet you as you walk in the door on the left, and a host of tables are set up along the right within view of the kitchen, where you can see the beignets actually being prepared. Another signature of Morning Call are the white pointed paper hats worn by the waiters, which you can also take home with you—and you may want to once you taste the amazing beignets this place have to offer.

Beignets are an institution in the city, and it would be a shame to leave the city without trying one, two, three or a couple of trios, if you’re brave and hungry.

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