Enjoy Southern -Style Thanksgiving Recipes

We love celebrating Local and Southern cuisine, and Thanksgiving time is no exception. In 2012, we ran a list of great local restaurants to visit to ring in the Thanksgiving holiday with both traditional and exciting new menus. Last year, we shared a few New Orleans-inspired Thanksgiving recipes that you could recreate at home. This year, we want to present a few more delicious Southern-inspired recipes that you can set out on your Thanksgiving dinner table.


Looking for an additional protein or replacement for the customary Thanksgiving turkey? Local singer Charmaine Neville lends her recipe for Sweet Baked Ham, which uses Creole mustard and a can of Coca-Cola to enliven a traditionally salty ham dish. If you do stick to turkey this year, try this No-Fail Thanksgiving Turkey recipe made with a carefully crafted poultry brine to infuse the turkey with tons of flavor.

Local chefs come up with all sorts of tasty Thanksgiving sides. Instead of going with traditional cranberry sauce, why not spice things up a bit with a flavorful Cranberry Chutney that’s packed with seasonings and other fruits? Another home favorite that goes perfectly with a piping hot turkey is a true local tradition, Oyster Dressing, which makes a perfect southern-style replacement to traditional stuffing.

Pies are a beloved Thanksgiving dessert tradition, and NOLA’s catering company owner and cooking teacher Chiqui Collier has developed her own delicious Bourbon Pecan Pie, which uses a few tablespoons of bourbon to liven up the traditional fall dish.

Don’t forget to save those turkey bones! After the turkey’s been carved, there’s still plenty of flavor to render from those bones. Simply use the turkey carcass and some water and vegetables to make a turkey broth that is the perfect base for a post-Thanksgiving Turkey Bone Gumbo. And if you have leftover turkey meat (don’t we all?), you can also make a decadent Turkey and Andouille Gumbo to keep the Thanksgiving flavors in your home for days after the feast is over.

If you can’t enjoy the delicious Thanksgiving  while you’re actually in the city ,give  these tantalizing recipes a try.

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