New Orleans – Themed Halloween Treats

Want to bring home a little New Orleans fun for your Halloween celebrations? The city offers several locally themed sweets to liven up any party this Halloween. Here are four great ideas you can try for yourself at home.


Instead of traditional candy, pralines are a great sweet treat to have out at your parties or to have individually wrapped to give out to trick or treaters. Pralines are a classic dessert comprised of glazed white and brown sugar (cooked with butter and evaporated milk) and traditionally served with pecans (whole or crushed) mixed in, though they’re not necessary if you’re worried about nut allergies.



Beignets are another sweet treat that locals and visitors alike love to indulge in at any time of year. Café du Monde sells mixes, and you can find recipes online for these light and puffy pastries. Mini versions are a perfect finger food for a Halloween party. Take the beignets up a notch for Halloween by drawing spiderwebs with black icing over the white powdered sugar covering the beignet.

Fleur de Lis Cookies

One of the easiest ways to theme a dessert in a NOLA style is to create a fleur de lis-shaped cookie. Whether you like to go the traditional route with sugar or chocolate chip cookies or you want to take a fall approach and go for spiced pumpkin cookies, it’s easy to simply use a fleur de lis cookie cutter to make the shape you want before throwing them into the oven. You can also decorate regular circle-shaped Halloween cookies with a fleur de lis drawn on them with icing, such as an orange-colored sugar cookie with a black fleur de lis squeezed on.

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