Best Sushi Restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans may not be known as a sushi capital of the U.S., but the city does have a few great spots for sushi lovers to enjoy. From New Orleans-Japanese fusion to eclectic takes on the classics, local sushi restaurants offer a wealth of flavors if you’re looking for sushi on your next trip to the city, and these three are some of the best around.1-DSC_1058



Chiba (8312 Oak St – Uptown)

Chiba is one of the newest sushi restaurants in the city, but it’s already proven itself to be among the top. Chiba has one of the most extensive sushi and sashimi menus, which include super white tuna, kobe, chu, oh, ebi and live orange clam. It also boasts an eclectic menu of specialty rolls, such as the Satsuma Strawberry Roll, Eskimo Popper Roll and Let the Good Times Roll. There’s also the Funk and Roll Happy Hour and the Late Night “Reverse Funk and Roll” Happy Hour, which feature reduced price rolls, appetizers, steamed buns, drinks and desserts.


Ninja (8433 Oak St – Uptown)

Just down the street from Chiba is one of the more established sushi joints, Ninja, which prides itself on having some of the freshest sushi in town. One specialty is its Chirashi Sushi Bowl, which is an enormous, beautifully arranged bowl of sashimi. It also has a wide range of sushi rolls, such as the Angel Roll, Atlanta Roll, Caterpillar Roll and Devil’s Roll, which is tuna, yellowtail, cucumber and yellow hot mustard. Ninja also treats vegetarian and vegan guests with a long list of vegetarian rolls, which is not often found at many sushi restaurants.

Rock-n-Sake (823 Fulton St – Downtown)

Rock-n-Sake may be the loudest version of a sushi bar you’ve ever dined in, as it incorporates music and hip lighting with the sushi eating experience. As for the food, the restaurant plays around with classic rolls, such as the California Sunset Roll, which is spicy snowcrab with fresh salmon and mangos and topped with its signature chili-mayo sauce. The Dream Roll, Fulton Street Roll, LSU Roll and Rebel Rice Paper Roll are must-tries as well.

Sushi may not be the first food you think of when you consider local cuisine, but you shouldn’t leave it out entirely either. If you get a hankering for some tasty raw fish and sushi rice, head over to any of these three places for a tasty under-the-sea treat.

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