3 Best Ice Cream Shops in New Orleans

We’re nearing the end of summer, but it’s still hot here in New Orleans. Few things cool you off better than sweet treats like ice cream and gelato. If you’ve got a sweet tooth coming on during your visit , be sure to check out these three dessert hot spots, located throughout the city.

wall hanging in ice cream parlor that reads eat moe ice cream

Creole Creamery (4924 Prytania St – Uptown & 6260 Vicksburg St – Lakeview)

Simultaneously a classic spot with a rich history that has a progressive-thinking chef who loves to experiment and push the limits of ice cream flavors, Creole Creamery is a must-try. You’ll enjoy unique and incredible flavors like Lavender Honey, Green Fairy (absinthe with candied orange peel and dark chocolate), Cookie Monster (crumbles of Oreo, cookie dough, Chips Ahoy and chocolate chips) and Golden Summer Fig (saffron with orange blossom honey and fig preserves). If you come during Saints season, the most popular flavor is Black & Gold Crunch. And if you can’t decide which flavors to try, order a four or six mini scoop ice cream sampler. The crowning jewel is making the Hall of Fame after taking the Tchoupitoulas Challenge, in which a diner must complete an enormous sundae complete with eight scoops of ice cream and every topping the creamery has. Try if you dare.

Angelo Brocato’s (214 N Carrollton Ave – Mid-City)

When you talk about classic restaurants in the local dessert scene, none is as beloved as Angelo Brocato’s. Established in 1905 and entrenched in its Italian history, this gelateria and pasticceria offers unbelievable gelato you have to taste to believe. Flavors include the classics plus Amaretto, Praline, Sicilian Pistachio Nut, St. Joseph Chocolate Almond, Straciatella and more. You’ll love visiting its cozy, authentic-feeling location (though its Mid-City residence is actually its second home following its French Quarter founding) as well as its its long case of gelato and pastries. Even better, if you want to take some of that gelato with you, Brocato’s also offers pre-packed pints and quarts to-go. And if your love of cold sweets extends beyond ice cream, this joint is also known for its delectable granitas, fresh Italian fruit ice.

Sucre (3025 Magazine St – Uptown & 3301 Veterans Blvd – Lakeside Mall, Metairie)

Sucre is the newest addition of the three, and its modern approach to sweets has already become very popular among locals and tourists. Also offering an array of gelato flavors, Sucre experiments with taste buds with its selection, which includes Brown Butter and Pecan, Banana Cream Pie, Lemon Curd, Toasted Almond, Key Lime Pie and more. Sucre also makes unique sundaes featuring its gelato, such as All Things NOLA, which is Brown Butter Pecan gelato with Bananas Foster sauce, bread pudding pieces, whipped cream and roasted pecans. If you brought friends, try the Gelato Po-Boy: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla gelato in a Pate Choux shell with whipped cream and strawberry and chocolate sauce, which is a plated dessert that serves two to three people.

When a sweet tooth calls, indulge your cravings with ice cream and gelato from these three favorite local shops.

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  1. It was my first time trying. The black & gold ice cream at children hospital that were. I work we had aice cream party and injoy it it reality dam too d the best. I ever had you got Blue Bell beat it number one in my book. So I give a Five Star *****

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