Boiled Seafood Recipes to Celebrate Lent in NOLA

‘Tis the season for crawfish and shrimp boils, held especially every Friday of Lent. Seafood boils are a favorite spring pastime in NOLA and they’re a fun gathering perfect for a sunny afternoon on the River or in your backyard. With these two recipes, you can take the New Orleans-style crawfish or shrimp boil home with you to share with your family and friends—a fine alternative to a BBQ. I do recommend Zartarain’s crab boil in the bags.


Boiled Crawfish

Get creative with the vegetables that you add because they can be very tasty. The typical is corn on the cob, red potatoes,  celery, onions and lots of garlic. I have also had artichoke, peanuts, mushrooms and broccoli!

Boiled Shrimp

You can use the same method as boiling crawfish, all you do is to adjust the cooking time.


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