Best Spots to Catch Mardi Gras Parades

mardi gras4 (2)The Mardi Gras parade routes are long, and you can find plenty of places to stand—some more crowded than others. Depending on your age, whether or not you have kids and your parade-watching preferences, there are various parts of the route that might be best suited for you. Here are a few of the best spots you can try on your visit.

Grandstands on St. Charles Ave

Depending on the parade, tickets to the grandstands on St. Charles Ave can be fairly cheap and absolutely worth it. When the floats pass, they are just a few feet from where you can stand. And instead of competing with huge crowds on the ground, you can have a place to sit and be more comfortable. Just bring a huge bag for all the beads and trinkets you’re likely to get! Prices range from as low as $5 to $50 a pop depending on the parade, and they can be purchased at

For Young Adults: St. Charles Ave near Napoleon Ave Corner or between Amelia and 2nd Streets

Around St. Charles Ave and Napoleon Ave are some of the most popular bars at which you can catch the parades. Fat Harry’s is a big spot for young adults to congregate, as it always makes itself a Mardi Gras hub for parade-goers.

Superior Grill at St. Charles and Antonine St and the surrounding blocks are one of the most popular spots for young adults to catch the parades as well, again as there are several bars (and Superior Grill’s famous margaritas) with easy access along this corridor.

Parades With Kids in Metairie: Severn Ave or Bonnabel Blvd

The best parts of the parades at Severn Ave and Bonnabel Blvd is that the parades go both up and down the street, so you can enjoy twice as much fun! This is particularly true if you can get a spot in the prime real estate of what’s known as the neutral ground, which is the grassy area that separates both sides of the street. Kids will love getting to see the floats, bands and dance troupes twice—plus twice the amount of beads!

Parades With Kids in the city: Napoleon Ave or Garden District

Catching the parades at Napoleon Ave is preferable when you have kids because this is where most of the parades start, so the parades will end the earliest here. Parades can go on as late as 10 or 11pm near the end of the routes, so catching it in the beginning is good for getting the kids back home or to the hotel at a reasonable hour. The Garden District is another great place for families, as many families will already be posted up there having picnics, throwing around footballs and chatting.

There are many, many parts of town to catch parades along their hours-long routes. Try these out or do some exploring to find a spot where you can see the parade and enjoy your time to the fullest.

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