New Orleans-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

DSC_0694 Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to buy or make a costume for the holiday celebrations. Whether you’re going to be celebrating in NOLA or simply want to honor the city, you can try one of these New Orleans-inspired Halloween costume ideas.


Mardi Gras Krewe Member

If you can get your hands on an actual Mardi Gras krewe member’s costume, this is a great and simple costume idea. If not, try to find something colorful, maybe of shiny material and patterned to resemble some of the traditional costumes. The costumes are usually pants and long sleeves. If you want to resemble someone on the krewe’s court, assemble a large rounded backing out of cardboard or other straight, sturdy material (though not too heavy—you have to wear this all night) and cover it in feathers, fake jewels and other colorful accoutrements. You can go crazy or stick with one color or theme.


One of the easiest locally-themed Halloween costumes is to go as a tourist—though beware, you might just blend in with a lot of the crowd, particularly on Bourbon St. Your normal clothes will do, all you really need are a bunch of Mardi Gras beads (which when worn outside of Mardi Gras time is a clear sign of a tourist for locals) and one of the huge alcohol containers they sell on Bourbon St, such as the long green tube for a Hand Grenade or a giant plastic cup for one of the advertised “Big A** Beers.”

Queen of Boodoo

Both historical and appropriate for Halloween, a voodoo queen costume is perfect for ladies wanting a great  Halloween costume. Many voodoo queens are depicted with long, dark hair, sometimes with beads on the ends, or with their hair done up in a colorful shawl. Your costume will likely feature a long dress with long sleeves, maybe of different layers of fabrics and a fitted bodice. Marie Laveau was known to dance with a snake during her rituals, so having a fake snake to wear around your neck would be a nice touch.


Finally, the city has been historically thought of as a haven for vampires. Don yourself with black, red or other dressy clothing and surround yourself with a dark cape. If you want, you can add some white makeup to your face to look paler, but never forget the fangs.

Check out these and other New Orleans-themed Halloween costume ideas!

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