Whitney White Linen Night Art Walk


poster for White Linen Night, dark blue background with white and lighter shades of blue used in lettering



The arts scene comes alive at the tail-end of each summer when its Whitney White Linen Night weekend. Every year on the first Saturday evening of August—this year, it’s Saturday, August 3rd—Julia St in the Warehouse District comes alive for three hours whilst crowds of white-clad art lovers roam up and down the blocks of art galleries

About two dozen galleries in all open the doors each year to showcase their best and current works. These special collections are something that has to be seen to be believed—paintings, drawings, sculptures, abstract art and full-room projects transform the street into a sanctuary of artistic design. And to the delight of their patrons, some galleries even offer free wine—while it lasts.

For others, beverages are served via tickets dispensed at cash bars located throughout the span of the art walk. There’s also a large selection of local restaurants offering their wares to event attendees. 

Besides the art, another aspect that draws throngs of people to this massive art gathering is the myriad of white clothing donned by nearly everyone in attendance. In the true tradition of southern summer living, white linen is worn because of the lightness and airiness of the fabric, perfectly suited for outdoor New Orleans carousing during arguably the hottest time of the year.

Certainly not everyone wears white linen, but the color tradition is respected and adhered to nevertheless. You’ll see everything from flirty dresses and full white seersucker suits to white tube tops and gogo boots. Many will be dressed to impresse in their Sunday’s best.

And following the annual event is the annual after-party hosted by the Contemporary Arts Center. Guests will enjoy live music and refreshments in addition to more art work on display. While White Linen Night is free, there is a $10 admission fee to this event, but it’s a popular way to keep the fun going when the earlier event is over.

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