St. Claude Ave: Arts and Music in the Bywater Neighborhood


close up of a sign for Saturn bar on St. Claude Ave, scripted font with red lettering




St. Claude Ave is at the heart of the St. Claude neighborhood in the Bywater/Upper 9th Ward. The street is a stretch of music venues, art galleries and community centers that cater mostly to locals, but visitors are starting to learn about and explore the area more and more.

There are now about a dozen galleries on St. Claude Ave, featuring artists and works of varying styles and genres. The street is especially known as a hub for contemporary and experimental art, so if you’re looking for modern additions to your collection—or simply love walking through the galleries and exhibitions—St. Claude Ave is a prime destination.

In terms of music venues, St. Claude Ave has several unique offerings up and down the street, though there are a few clustered just off Elysian Fields Ave. One of these just off Elysian Fields is the AllWays Lounge and Theatre, which is a hotspot for local, modern theatre productions as well as music of varying types. You can find anything from jazz and experimental to indie rock and brass bands. The Hi Ho Lounge also serves up a wide variety of musical genres, including everything from bluegrass and singer-songwriters to blues and rock. Siberia mainly caters to the rock, punk and metal scenes, and Kajun’s Pub has widely popular karaoke selections. Down the way, you’ll also find the Saturn Bar, which is mainly known for their Mod Night dance parties on Saturday nights.


If you’re looking for more alternative, off-the-beaten-path adventures, St. Claude Ave in the Bywater is a great destination for you. You’ll find a different crowd than a lot of other parts of the city, particularly the more touristy areas, but if you love unique, modern art and music, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the experience.

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