Magazine St. Shopping Offers Something for Everyone

For many, shopping is one of the chief aspects of travel. Various major cities have specific strips that are especially conducive to shopping, and New Orleans is no different. In this city, it’s Magazine St that is lined with shops … Continue reading

Bayou Boogaloo: Food and Fun on Bayou St. John

We’re nearing the end of the spring festival – and the spring weather—and before summer begins, Bayou Boogaloo (May 17th-19th) squeezes one more festival into the mix. The festival was founded during the evacuation of Hurricane Katrina and evokes the … Continue reading

April Showers Bring May Flowers

  After a rainy and unseasonably cold spring, May has arrived and promises a wealth of gorgeous and wonderfully scented flowers that will beautify gardens and walkways. With New Orleans’ rich, tropical and subtropical climate—particularly in the hot, humid summer—it … Continue reading